Your Captains

Son of a native Cape Codder, captain Drew has grown up spending a lot of time on the sand bar and developed a passion for boating and fishing at a very young age. After multiple seasons commercial fishing with rod and reel, Drew transitioned to the charter side of the industry. These days on board the Isla Grace, we thoroughly enjoy fishing with experienced anglers and novices alike, and showcasing everything that is awesome about our local waters. We also pride ourselves on only keeping what is going to be eaten fresh, as guide and captain efforts really drive sound fish handling and conservation practices. We want you to catch them on the NEXT trip as well! Lastly, there is always something new to learn and experience when you leave the harbor--there are no two days alike--and it's all about having fun out there!

Drew has had the opportunity to live/study in Vermont, Florida, Wyoming, New Zealand, and Hawaii. Founded in river fishing for trout and steelhead with the flyrod, Capt. Drew has been extremely fortunate to be able to chase all kinds of fish all over the world. Experience in different styles of fishing helps Down East Charters' anglers learn new tactics and patterns to take to their own home waters. We relish the opportunity to get you onboard and start telling fish tales!

Capt. Drew splits his time between Chatham and northern Vermont with his wife Erika, daughter Isla, sons Zane and Reid, and mutts Riggs and Charlie. 


Why Fish With Us?

We are in our 14th year of full-time charter fishing out of Chatham and I'd say there are a couple things that we really prioritize in our business--first and foremost, we are friendly, local captains and pride ourselves on repeat guests and developing lasting friendships forged on the water. Most of our trips are returning guests at this point. A beautiful morning on the water shared among the crew is what it's all about and we welcome first-time anglers as well as seasoned pro's. We take charters out on multiple boats everyday of the summer and fall so we have a great idea of where the bite is. We are also unique in that we do everything from fly and light tackle to big game and offshore at a high level, and our boat options are great platforms for this wide brush stroke approach.

Location is really important and Outermost Harbor is our homeport. A very short boat ride leads to the most diverse waterways and fishing grounds on Cape Cod. Cool ocean water during the heat of summer leads to a consistent summer fishery. We also have Nantucket Sound's warm water for great early and late season fishing. A lot of years, we have fish when others do not. 

Truly great trips catch fish, have fun, AND get to experience the local inhabitants. We are fortunate to have a ton of sea life on Chatham's doorstep and Monomoy national wildlife sanctuary as a backdrop. Up close viewing of seal colonies, sea birds, whales, dolphins, sunfish, and sharks. We see Great Whites in the surf line almost daily now and can put you right next to them in safety.

There are a bunch of charter outfits locally that do a great job--in fact, a lot of us are friends and work together to ensure we are putting our guest's on top of fish trip after trip. As you weigh your options, we hope that you give us a try, we'd love to have you on board and I'm sure you'll have a day to remember. Thanks- Capt. Drew and Capt. Devin


What to Bring

-Sneakers/Rubber Boots/Flip-Flops/Non-Marking (No Bare Feet for Safety)

-Extra Layer or Windbreaker (Usually few degrees cooler out there)


-Small Cooler/Bag for Drinks/Snacks

-Sunscreen(NON-SPRAY please) and Sunglasses

-Few Beers or Wine Permitted (No Drugs allowed)

-A Great Attitude--It's Going to be a Blast!

(Children under 12 years of age are required to wear U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets in Massachusetts above deck on any vessel that is underway)


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