Come fish the skinny water with us! We seek out sight-fishing opportunities whenever available out of our 20' Jones Brothers or Carolina Skiff. Limited to (2) anglers or (3) if spin fishing from boat, we primarily cast and wade the Monomoy flats and tidal creeks. We also fish Pleasant Bay, Brewster flats, Barnstable harbor, and south side grass flats. Contact us for timings/tides and we will build a trip!


Pricing for Jones

Brothers/Carolina Skiff

(Pricing below is valid from 5/1-6/10. For mid-summer pricing, please refer to general rates of 26 Regulator)



What to bring:

Rods: 8-10wt

Line: Intermediate/Sink tip/Full-sink all work

Terminal Tackle: 25lb leader material, 15lb flouro tippet


Polarized Glasses+Hat

Flies: Deceivers, Clousers, Epoxies. Sandeel, Juvy baitfish, Crab patterns work well

All of our flies are local patterns by Chris Kokorda

For more info on custom fly orders and shore-guiding: