Don't let the big game and conventional tackle fool you--We are well-versed in the fly game and passionate about sharing our fishery with you. Capt. Drew is an Orvis endorsed PRO and has support from Sci Angler, Cortland, and Far Bank as well providing excellent fly gear fine-tuned for our waters. 

We have (2) options when we leave the dock on a typical summer trip: sight fishing/wading the Monomoy Flats OR swinging magnum baitfish/squid flies in moving water at the Rips (as well as scouting bird piles for top water fish). Both are awesome and memorable ways to spend a day.

The flats should be for 2-3 anglers maximum and intermediate to advanced casters recommended. We are crossing our fingers for sunshine and lighter winds. This is a humbling, world class fishery that reminds you of the Bahamas on the right day. My goal is to help you ID big singles/schools of bass on the flats and show you techniques to get takes. Note: If weather uncooperative, captain will audible to a moving water rips trip.

Our swinging fly rips trips are suitable for all anglers and again, 2-3 max for the most amount of time with lines in the water per anger/per trip. We target moving water with big flies and both sinking and floating lines depending on conditions. The eats that happen from these fish when they find it on the surface can be off the charts.

Come fish the skinny rod with us! Contact us for timings/tides and we will look forward to building a trip.

Pricing for Jones

Brothers/Carolina Skiff

(Pricing below is valid from 5/1-6/10. For mid-summer pricing, please refer to general rates of 26 Regulator)



What to bring:

Rods: 8-10wt

Line: Intermediate/Sink tip/Full-sink all work

Terminal Tackle: 25lb leader material, 15lb flouro tippet


Polarized Glasses+Hat

Flies: Deceivers, Clousers, Epoxies. Sandeel, Juvy baitfish, Crab patterns work well

All of our flies are local patterns by Chris Kokorda

For more info on custom fly orders and shore-guiding: ckokorda@yahoo.com